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One Sided Love Quotes in Hindi: It is the most beautiful Love in the world. One Sided Lovers are very true and loyal towards their Love. Nowadays It is Easy to say I Love You but hard to mean it. Did you notice someone who loves someone by One Sided? Many Peoples around the World are loving each other for fulfil their needs and leaves their partner after some days, weeks or after a month. But A one sided lover Loves Someone for no reason. Is it fake or true . Anyway I wrote many Quotes Related to One Sided Love Quotes in Hindi Language Because we can connect better through our own Language.

Latest One Sided Love Quotes in Hindi

एक वादा है खुद से
अगर प्यार में 7 बार हार जाऊ
तो 8वी बार भी तुमसे ही प्यार करूंगा


तेरी Profile हमेशा Check करता हूँ
क्योंकि Massage करने हक़ किसी और का है


एक तरफ़ा प्यार करके देखों
कभी किसीसे Time-Pass नहीं होगा


किसी एक तरफ़ा आशिक़ से पूछो
कि ईमानदारी क्यां होती है


हर एक सच्चा प्यार
एक तरफा नहीं होता
पर एक तरफ़ा प्यार
हमेशा सच्चा होता है


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